About Me

I enjoy building things and like to spend the bulk of my time working on technology products that make a difference and that I can connect with. I’ve got a number of skill sets from starting my career as a software developer before growing into sales, product development and IT leadership.

No matter what role I need to perform in a business, I enjoy looking at the whole picture and how my piece plays a part.

My Journey

  1. I started as a software developer at CBA in the exciting space of treasury systems
  2. Quit my cushy banking job to join GradConnection. Many people told me I was dumb for packing in my cushy banking gig
    1. Started Selling – Personally on-boarded 50+ of Australia’s largest graduate employers until GradConnection could grow it’s own sales team.
    2. Helped conceptualise a white label SaaS product for universities, get it built and directly take it from 0 – 25 university clients in 2.5 years.
    3. IT leadership – Final stint was looking after end to end product and technology. We grew key metrics in my final year by 30+%
  3. GradConnection acquired by SEEK in February 2019, I left after my post acquisition obligations were completed in September 2020.
  4. Took a holiday
  5. Working on my next business in a very different area. Watch this space by signing up for alerts on this blog.

Other Interests

Motorsport & Cars

I love cars – one of the main reasons I went to university was so I could afford the cars I wanted further down the track. I love the amount of complexity cars have, the work, thought and planning that is required to have them running at their peak through to getting them ready for specific events.

It doesn’t always work out as planned but when it does it’s an amazing feeling knowing what has gone in to making it happen. This journey is what I enjoy about motorsport most of all.

Skyline – Circuit Car

Altezza – Drift Practice Car

Our Rescue Staffy Sky

My wife and I have always been working towards helping doggos, even if it’s just been volunteering or donating to a rescue.

We had Sky join our family this year who had a shit start to life and desperately needed to get out of the pound. Outside of work hours we are helping her discover the world isn’t so bad so she can have a good crack at things from this point on.